StorONE’s Innovative Pricing Model
IMMEDIATE ROI. Costs less than your maintenance contract

S1 lets you grow as you need. You can start with a single VM and pay per capacity only. All enterprise SSDs, software and support included. Supports iSCSI, fiber channel, SMB, NFS and S3.

S1 plans are available in three configurations:


A software-only offering where you get “up to” amount of TB for a monthly payment.


Yearly contract for GB where you get all the SAS high-end, physical TB drives for free, including software and support. You pay per TB SSD/NVME/HDD. Flexible to scale up or down, with overnight shipping. After 5 years, you own the hardware.

Lowest price in the industry – Cents per GB with all enterprise features and SUPPORT included
One price for all storage protocols, different workloads and all of StorONE’s features. All included
Less cost compared to the cloud without the additional networking and hidden charges
Same flexibility as the cloud. All storage services exist on the same drives and a single UI