Date: August 8th, 2024
Time: 1pm EST


Redefining What Storage Can Be: StorONE & Data Storage Science Webinar

Join us for an exclusive webinar that will transform your understanding of storage technology. StorONE and Data Storage Science have partnered to present groundbreaking storage solutions designed to deliver exceptional performance, comprehensive data resiliency, and future-proof flexibility—all at a significantly reduced cost.

What You’ll Learn:

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Unlock the Value of High-Performance Storage
This webinar will show you how to achieve high-performance, high-capacity storage by combining flash performance with cost-effective high-capacity media, perfect for demanding workloads. You’ll learn about robust data resiliency features that ensure data integrity and security, and explore the future-proof flexibility of our enterprise software-only solution, eliminating vendor lock-in. Additionally, discover how to maximize storage utilization, reduce costs, and avoid costly data deletions, transforming your storage strategy and driving your business forward.


Angelica Hayag

Founder and CEO, Data Storage Science

Angelica founded Data Storage Science in 2008, focusing on excellence, innovation, and technical expertise. With over 25 years in storage operations, data center management, and C-level leadership, she is a trusted resource for industry-leading OEMs. Data Storage Science (DSS), a certified woman-owned small business, serves public and private sector clients in the U.S. Originally focused on data storage, DSS now offers cloud migration, Agile software development, and consulting services.

Chris Mellon

Sr. Solutions Architect, StorONE

With over 30 years of experience in the IT industry, Chris Mellon has dedicated the last 20 years to specializing in backup and storage solutions. As a Senior Solution Architect at StorONE, Chris leverages his extensive expertise to design and implement robust, efficient, and innovative storage solutions that address the complex needs of modern enterprises.
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