Press Release: New Analyst Report Shows Wide Differences in On-Premise Storage-as-a-Service Offerings Between Various Vendors

In-depth analysis highlights new economics that can be found by adopting Storage-as-a-Service model
New York – A recent research report by global IT industry analyst and marketing strategy firm Neuralytix detailed the abilities and challenges of on-premises Storage-as-a-Service (StaaS) offerings and compared the capabilities of four vendors in the market space. The review presents a comparison of features and price of offerings from Nutanix, Pure Storage, and StorONE. The report also documents how on-premises StaaS offerings differ from cloud-native storage vendor, Amazon Web Services (AWS).
The Neuralytix Insight looked at the reasons for the rapid and dramatic shift IT organizations are experiencing in how they deploy storage and recommend the StaaS model, which delivers capacity and performance for a periodic fee, to overcome them. The StaaS model provides capacity and performance for a periodic fee based on an organization’s exacts needs.
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