StorONE Partners with Virtual Graffiti to Offer Next-Generation Bundles Featuring StorONE’s Enterprise Storage Platform and Seagate Technology

NEW YORK – August 31, 2021 – StorONE, the software-defined enterprise storage platform company, today announced that it has expanded the reach of its StorONE Enterprise Storage Platform through a partnership agreement with Virtual Graffiti, a California-based provider of network infrastructure solutions.  The agreement covers the entire StorONE portfolio of solutions, as well as a series of next-generation hybrid storage systems built on Seagate hardware, that deliver high performance and high capacity at affordable prices.

Virtual Graffiti is one of the fastest growing IT solutions providers for business, government, and education.  With comprehensive product knowledge and outstanding customer support, Virtual Graffiti assists from the earliest stages of decision making through product fulfillment and post-sales support.  Partnering with StorONE enables Virtual Graffiti to help customers solve pressing storage problems today while laying the foundation for a complete storage consolidation strategy.

“I am so pleased to announce our amazing partnership with StorONE. The world has been waiting decades for an all-new storage solution that offers minimum TCO for all storage use cases. Reducing the cost in hardware, this new software-defined storage is designed to be the first kind to give you All Protocols – All Media – Uncompromising Protection – in ONE Platform,” said Dean Cohen, Storage Sales Manager of Virtual Graffiti. 

The two pre-configured bundles offered by Virtual Graffiti include the Seagate Exos AP 2U12 Powered by StorONE, which is designed for SMB data centers to support growing businesses with high-capacity and high-availability options; and the Seagate Exos AP 5U84 powered by StorONE, which is designed for mainstream data centers featuring advanced hybrid technology that provides 200k IOPS and 1.2PB of capacity.  Additionally, Virtual Graffiti can deploy the StorONE Enterprise Storage Platform on its customers’ choice of hardware for custom bundles that help overcome their storage infrastructure challenges.  StorONE solutions are available through Virtual Graffiti at

The StorONE Enterprise Storage Platform simplifies organizations’ storage infrastructures while dramatically reducing costs. It provides IT professionals with a solution that exceeds the objectives of software-defined storage, creating a storage platform the meets all present storage needs and is ready for future innovation. The platform is also protocol independent including fibre, iSCSI, NFS, SMB and S3. All members of the Enterprise Storage Platform are available on-premises or in the cloud and come with the same enterprise class feature set, driven by the same interface which significantly reduces the cost of storage operation.

“Companies often find it difficult to find storage solutions that provide the feature sets they need while resellers continually work hard to offer storage solutions that are able to overcome these limitations,” said Gal Naor, CEO and co-founder of StorONE. “At StorONE, we believe storage should be easy for everyone.  Partnering with select resellers means that we can get the StorONE Enterprise Storage Platform to businesses that need maximum protection with minimum TCO by providing the tools and resources to quickly and easily close sales.  Having experts at resale partners like Virtual Graffiti allows StorONE to leverage their expertise in recognizing how StorONE can overcome the biggest storage problems and makes them an important part of our sales strategy.”

Virtual Graffiti is a part of StorONE’s PartnerONE program for resellers and service providers looking to simplify their go-to-market strategies while helping their customers overcome storage infrastructure challenges.  Resellers who are interested in enjoying the competitive advantages the StorONE Platform offers can learn more and apply for the PartnerONE program by visiting

About StorONE

StorONE was founded in 2011 and spent its first eight years rewriting the legacy storage system software and flattening the storage IO stack before coming to market with the StorONE Engine. The StorONE Engine creates an efficient, single translation layer that allows you to benefit from today’s hardware innovations while your data receives industry-leading data protection. This Engine powers the StorONE Enterprise Storage Platform, enabling IT to take a platform approach to storage consolidation. Customers can start using StorONE for backup and archive solutions because the system provides cost-effective capacity. Then later, they can add production class use cases like NAS, VMware, or databases because the system offers cost-effective performance. The result is the lowest TCO in the industry and the elimination of storage refreshes.

With more than 50 patents awarded in its first seven years of deep technical development, StorONE is completely changing the perception of storage from an IT cost center to a resource that provides organizations with key competitive advantages. StorONE is headquartered in New York, with offices in Texas, Tel Aviv and Singapore.  Additional information about StorONE is available at or follow on Twitter and LinkedIn.

About Virtual Graffiti

Virtual Graffiti, now a BlueAlly company, continues to be one of the fastest growing IT solutions providers for business, government, and education. With a new, expanded set of resources, Virtual Graffiti goes beyond being the premium provider of network security and related solutions, now offering a range of services to help their clients scale, optimize, and manage their IT resources to reach their business goals.

Virtual Graffiti delivers expanded access to managed services, and a highly qualified and certified team with extensive experience implementing data centers, networks, security solutions, infrastructure rationalization, service management, and technology strategy.

Virtual Graffiti’s award-winning product teams are built around dedicated engineers with in depth technical expertise. They are certified and trained on every solution they offer, giving customers a single go-to source to guide them in making smart IT buying decisions that fit their unique requirements.

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