StorONE Single Platform is the First to Integrate HDDs into NVMe-oF

New York – June 7, 2022 – Today, StorONE announced that it is the first company to enable hard disk drive (HDD) connectivity to NVMe-oF infrastructures, dramatically reducing the cost of an NVMe solution by 10X or more.  Up to now, NVMe-oF was an infrastructure for all-flash arrays, and archiving less-active data to a less expensive tier like HDD required adding another storage silo and transferring that data to another network.  This update to StorONE’s platform, available today, solves this problem enabling NVMe-oF access to both NVMe SSD, and HDDs on ONE storage solution and one storage network. 

StorONE’s Enterprise Storage Platform can connect to the network via NVMe-oF and manage NVMe SSDs as the primary tier while automatically less active data moves to the HDD tier. Users benefit from ONE platform that can deliver millions of IOPS and decades of affordable retention. 

“Our platform approach to storage not only means supporting a wide variety of use cases but also new protocols, like NVMe-oF. At the same time, we make sure our customers can continue to leverage their existing investment, eliminating the need for costly storage migrations.” said Gal Naor, CEO of StorONE. “To date, vendors have used NVMe-oF solely to advance their all-flash agendas, which only accelerates the cost of storage. We now give customers the best way to leverage NVMe-oF and continue to drive down the cost of storage.”

Users looking to move to NVMe-oF can use StorONE’s Enterprise Storage Platform’s ability to support multiple protocols simultaneously enabling them to transition at their pace. They can leverage existing infrastructure with protocols like iSCSI, Fiber Channel, NFS, SMB, or S3 while at the same time making investments in NVMe-oF going forward, without migrating data. The ability to support hard disk drives within that architecture and automatically tier data enables them to build the most cost-effective NVMe-oF infrastructure available on the market today. 

Companies that have already completed their NVMe-oF transition but are looking to archive to cost-effective HDD technology can start using StorONE as an NVMe attached HDD archive target. Thanks to its ability to provide affordable capacity and high performance, it can then add performance-sensitive workloads to the platform as its need demands. 

Current StorONE Customers

Existing StorONE customers can add the HDD over NVMe-oF capability through a simple software update at no additional charge. StorONE continues to lead the storage industry with a single platform that grows with its customers adding new protocols and media, enabling them to enjoy a migration-free, future-proof storage infrastructure. 

To learn more about leveraging HDD within an NVMe Infrastructure, join us for our live webinar on June 28th, “The NVMe-oF Readiness Workshop”

About StorONE

StorONE is the first company in two decades to address the real challenges of high storage costs. First, the company rewrote the often reused, legacy Storage IO stack, collapsing it into a single storage engine. Capable of driving a complete portfolio of solutions. Second, it rewrote drive-failure protection (RAID), replacing it with vRAID, which reduces RAID rebuilds of 20TB HDDs from three days to three hours. Finally, StorONE rewrote auto-tiering technology to ensure a hybrid environment’s most consistent possible performance. 

StorONE’s founders are entrepreneurs with a proven track record of success and are backed by top-tier industry luminaries and strategic investors. StorONE’s Storage Engine drives a software platform that delivers full functionality, high performance, and unmatched data reliability at the lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Additional information about StorONE is available at or follow on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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