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Databases Require More Than All-Flash

All-Flash Array (AFA) vendors position their hardware as the cure-all for database storage but administrators know that databases require more than all-flash. The most important requirement of any database storage […]

CRN: StorOne’s Optane-Flash Array Adds Intel Optane To Enterprise Storage

Software-defined storage technology developer StorOne next week plans to start shipping a new version of its software that, in combination with Intel servers and storage devices, will bring the power […]

End of Life for All-Flash Arrays

Even though they currently dominate the market, the end of life for all-flash arrays (AFA) is coming sooner than you think. Let’s be clear AFAs are, in reality, single media […]

Demo: 1 Million IOPS – 300k Write IOPS

Demonstration and Lab Report Join StorONE for this recording of our live presentation of the performance of our All-Flash In this demonstration, we show you the performance capabilities of […]

The Case for Hard Drive Storage

Even in production, the case for hard drive storage is a strong one, but several vendors are trying to make a case against its use. Even reputable analysts state that […]

Better Hybrid Storage for VMware

Instead of forcing customers to move to all-flash arrays (AFA), vendors need to provide better hybrid storage for VMware. The challenge that any virtual environment presents to a storage system […]

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