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Storage Consolidation is Broken

Storage Consolidation is broken. As a result, most data centers have six or more storage systems, each addressing specific use cases and requiring independent management. A storage consolidation strategy is […]

Four Steps to Beating Ransomware

The recent hack and subsequent ransomware attack experienced by Colonial Pipeline underscores the shortcomings with most organizations’ storage technology which prevents them from taking the four steps to beating ransomware. […]

The Channel Co. CRN: StorONE Inc

StorONE is redefining expectations in performance, results, functionality, convenience and cost. StorONE provides enterprise-class functionality, high performance, and high capacity. With more than 50 patents awarded in its first seven […]

2021 Database Storage Requirements

Oracle, MySQL, and MS-SQL continue to host most organizations’ critical applications, but in 2021, database storage requirements are fundamentally different from ten years ago. Modern databases are multi-threaded, write-intensive environments […]

StorONE Q3-2020 – Sets New Standard for Data Protection, Shatters Enterprise Storage Pricing

New York – Tuesday, October 13th, 2020 – StorONE today announces the latest update to its S1 Enterprise Storage Platform software, which extends its industry-leading data protection capabilities for mission-critical […]

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