Complete Guide to Seamless Storage Operations During a Pandemic

Webinar and White Paper

As we continue to work through the devastating impact, both personally and on businesses of COVID-19, organizations realize that IT operations need to change to support the new normal. In the Data Center this means dealing with limited access. One area that needs special attention is storage operations. The storage infrastructure needs to be more flexible, more resilient, better protected, and less expensive. 

In this on-demand webinar Gal Naor, CEO of StorONE and George Crump, CMO, discuss the five steps IT professionals need to take to meet the demands of the new normal that pandemics like COVID-19 cause. During the webinar, Gal and George share the results of our survey, “How has COVID-19 Impacted Your Data Center.” Listen in to learn how your peers are coping with our present situation.  Click the “Download White Paper” button to access Gal Naor, StorONE’s CEO‘s latest white paper, “10 Recommendations for Storage Managers to Prepare for Future Pandemics,” which provides details on how to revise your storage infrastructure for the new normal. Scroll below to watch the webinar.

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