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What They're Saying




“The technology is patent rich — almost 50 patents granted already — and lets companies capitalize on hardware innovations cost-effectively, without being hampered by performance or capacity utilization inefficiencies.”

Jon Toigo, SearchTechTarget


“A customer’s hardware investment will match the rated IOPS, throughput and capacity of the drive whether it is SSD, NVMe or HDD. The pitch is essentially: Don’t add more hardware to get better storage performance, use TRU software instead and use less hardware than you already have.” 

Chris Mellor, The Register


“TRU Storage is a remarkable breakthrough in storage software efficiency. Storage software efficiency was an afterthought when memory, drives and IO were clearly the performance bottleneck. With Moore’s law visibly slowing, memory, drives and IO rapidly getting faster, the storage software stack has become the bottleneck. StorONE is the first company to open that bottleneck.” 

Marc Staimer, Dragon Slayer Consulting


“StorONE is one of the few companies that didn’t race to market with old software to get on the flash storage bandwagon. Instead, it created storage software from the ground up to take advantage of the new capabilities of processors and media.”

George Crump, StorageSwiss


“Budget constraints on enterprise digital storage are forcing CIOs and Information Managers to look for new ways to safely storage their content at lower overall cost Companies such as StorONE could offer ways to help control those costs. “

Tom Coughlin, Forbes


“Any company that can persuade IT heavyweights such as John Thompson and Ed Zander to be on the board of directors is a company with which to be reckoned.”

Chris Preimesberger, Eweek


“If this were a simply SDS startup with 6 months of VC funding, I’d lean more to the skeptical side. But StorONE has been working at this for a long time. Along the way they’ve submitted over 50 new patents. So it seems they’ve done a little due diligence on their product.”

Rich Stroffolino – Gestalt IT


“StorONE are talking some really impressive numbers on minimal hardware. The key, as far as they’re concerned, is that the software is where the magic happens… From what I’ve seen in their introduction, they seem to be on their way to achieving that goal.”

Dan, Penguinpunk