Total Resource Utilization – Software Defined Storage
High performance and capacity – Dramatically less resources to achieve the same

Our goal is to get every GB of available storage to work for you. TRU storage means that you will get very high performance and high capacity with 80% less computing resources (compared to other solutions). The math is easy: you can either get 5x the performance from the exact same hardware, or buy 1/5th of the hardware to get the same results. No matter how you calculate it, this dramatically slashes your storage costs to a new level, allowing you to achieve immediate ROI.
Moreover, S1’s TRU Storage squeezes the full performance out of the drives and delivers it to the application without the need to change any configuration or install any drivers.

S1 Storage is a game changer: a strategic technology for building and growing enterprise storage infrastructure that captures the CAPEX savings of software-defined and attacks the operational costs of storage that relate to resource administration hassles, periodic forklift upgrades and downtime, data migration, and data backup and preservation. Between the universal hardware support and built in data management features, TRU Storage makes it possible to bend the storage cost curve at long last

S1 tackles this challenge head-on with a comprehensive software solution that unleashes the capabilities of your drives and delivers that performance and capacity directly to the applications. Whether on-prem or hosted storage, your drives can now deliver all the benefits that they were designed for – and much more.