Ransomware Recovery

Protecting Your Data and Recovering Strong


Guarding Against Ransomware with a Multi-Faceted Approach

In this digital age, the threat of ransomware can’t be ignored. For us, it’s not just about keeping your data secure but also ensuring quick recovery in case a threat does emerge. We offer a resilient and comprehensive toolset to counteract ransomware while minimizing its impact.

Advanced Immutable Snapshots

Advanced Immutable Snapshots

When it comes to ransomware, prevention and recovery are equally crucial. That’s why we offer point- in-time data copies immune to ransomware encryption or alteration. This is backed by proactive anomaly detection for early identification of potential threats. We include the capability to lock your snapshot schedules using vSnapLock feature to prevent tampering with prevention policies. But we don’t stop there. To add an extra layer of security, we support Multi-Factor Authentication and Multi-Administrative Authorization, minimizing the chances of unauthorized access and further safeguarding against ransomware attacks.

Post Attack Recovery

Facing a ransomware attack is a daunting experience, but with our robust recovery capabilities, disruption can be minimized. We employ cutting-edge snapshot technology, exemplified by features such as real-time anomaly detection and automatic threat mitigation. These snapshots take immutable point-in-time logical copies of your data, ensuring quick and reliable recovery while actively safeguarding against emerging threats.

But we go beyond just snapshots. Our instant recovery feature swiftly restores your systems and applications, maintaining business continuity. Additionally, our rapid data replication creates readily available secondary copies of your crucial data, accelerating the recovery process and lessening the impact of an attack.


Logging, Monitoring and Alerting (LMA)

We understand that the first line of defense against security threats is early detection. That’s why we offer real-time monitoring for instantaneous identification of potential security anomalies within your storage environment. Our comprehensive event logging and auditing provide a detailed trail for forensic analysis and post-incident investigations.

But we don’t stop at just detection. Our automated alert systems are designed to notify you immediately upon discovering any suspicious activities. This enables a swift response, empowering you to take effective mitigation actions before any significant damage occurs.

Multi-Factor Authentication

We recognize the importance of robust cybersecurity measures to safeguard your storage systems. Our Advanced Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) features and multi-admin capability require multiple forms of verification to minimize the risk of unauthorized access. This level of protection is especially effective against credential-based attacks like password theft or brute-force hacking.

The adoption of such robust security measures doesn’t just protect your data; it can also have financial benefits. Many insurers view the implementation of MFA and Multi-Admin Approval as a strong commitment to cybersecurity, potentially improving the terms of your cyber insurance coverage and even reducing your premiums.

anomaly detection

Anomaly Detection

Our anomaly detection tool serves as a vigilant watchdog, continuously monitoring system behavior for any abnormal patterns that could signal a security threat or system failure. Immediate alerts empower swift response and effective mitigation, significantly enhancing data security and minimizing the risk of major disruptions.

In addition to its security features, our anomaly detection also focuses on operational optimization. The tool identifies performance bottlenecks and other unusual system behaviors, allowing for timely interventions that improve both system performance and operational efficiency.

360° Data Protection Strategy. Multi-Layered Protection for Complete Data Security

Our 360° data protection strategy addresses every facet of your data landscape, from primary storage and secondary copies to snapshots, backups, and disaster recovery. This multi-layered approach not only reduces the risk of data loss or corruption but also ensures swift recovery and minimal operational impact in the event of unforeseen data-related incidents.

Moreover, our comprehensive strategy extends beyond simple data protection. It serves to meet stringent industry-specific regulatory compliance requirements. Our platform accomplishes this through a robust set of security measures, including encryption, data retention policies, and detailed audit trails, assuring you of data integrity and regulatory compliance.

360° Data Protection

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