File/NAS, Block/SAN, Object Storage

Unified Storage Solutions For All Your Data Needs


Unified Protocol Efficiency

Consolidating storage protocols into a single data platform simplifies storage management, enhancing efficiency for us. With a unified platform, we can streamline operations and save time by managing all our storage from one interface. This Consolidation also improves interoperability, enabling seamless collaboration and data sharing between our different systems and applications.

This approach promotes cost efficiency and resource optimization, as we eliminate the need for separate infrastructure and dynamically allocate resources based on our workload demands. In essence, this strategy allows us to operate more effectively and collaboratively while making the most of our resources.

Seamless File Sharing

Our file services, supporting NFS and SMB, enable seamless file sharing and collaboration within our organizations. We can easily access and share files across platforms, enhancing teamwork and productivity.

The NAS functionality provides versatile data storage and management, centralizing file storage for our critical data. Our solution simplifies file-based workloads, integrating with our existing environments and streamlining deployment and management. In essence, this approach empowers us to collaborate effectively while optimizing our file-related processes.


Power and Flexibility

power and flexibilitySupport for block storage protocols like iSCSI, Fibre Channel, and NVMe-oF enables creation of high-performance storage solutions. We leverage the speed and efficiency of block storage for our demanding workloads. Our chosen solution seamlessly integrates into our existing data center infrastructures, allowing easy migration and integration of block-based workloads. The simplified storage management tools and features provided streamline provisioning, monitoring, and optimization, reducing administrative overhead and improving our operational efficiency. Switching networking protocols or upgrading networking speeds is as easy as changing a NIC, and we don’t have to do a full controller replacement. We can simultaneously run Fibre Channel, iSCSI, and NVMe-oF on our chosen array. This approach provides us with the flexibility and performance we need to meet our storage requirements effectively.


Our support for Fibre Channel enables high-speed and low-latency connectivity, delivering optimal performance for our critical workloads. With scalable and flexible storage networking capabilities, we can seamlessly expand our storage infrastructure.

The robust security features of Fibre Channel, combined with our support, complements our enhanced data protection and integrity. This integration empowers us to achieve maximum performance, scalability, and security for our storage environments. In essence, this approach enables us to optimize our storage capabilities while safeguarding our data.


Opting for iSCSI simplifies storage networking by leveraging standard Ethernet networks. iSCSI eliminates our need for dedicated storage networks, reducing complexity and infrastructure costs. The flexibility and scalability of iSCSI make it suitable for organizations like ours, accommodating various workloads and storage requirements.

With widespread industry adoption and interoperability, our iSCSI integration ensures compatibility with a range of storage solutions. This streamlined iSCSI connectivity enables us to optimize our storage infrastructure efficiently, allowing us to make the most of our resources.


Utilizing NVMe-oF empowers exceptional performance by leveraging the speed and low-latency characteristics of NVMe technology. With NVMe-oF, we can unlock the full potential of our NVMe-based storage devices and generally enhance the storage system network access, achieving higher IOPS, reduced latency, and faster data access. The scalability and flexibility of NVMe-oF allow us to seamlessly expand our storage infrastructure to meet our growing demands.

By simplifying the storage infrastructure through the use of standard Ethernet networks, our NVMe-oF integration reduces complexity and infrastructure costs while delivering outstanding performance. This approach empowers us to optimize our storage capabilities and effectively enhance our operational efficiency.

Empowering Scalability for Object Storage

Empowering Scalability for Object Storage

Our object storage solution empowers organizations with unparalleled scalability and elasticity to manage large volumes of unstructured data. Seamlessly scalable, this enables businesses to effortlessly expand their storage infrastructure to meet growing data requirements. Our object storage not only offers cost-effective long-term data retention and archiving but also ensures data durability, accessibility, and compliance.

By simplifying data management, it consolidates diverse data types and workloads into a unified platform, streamlining data access, backup, and archiving. This powerful scalability enables organizations to efficiently manage and protect unstructured data.


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