StorONE Auto-Tiering

Advanced Auto-Tiering Technology


No Compromise on Performance and Cost

StorONE’s advanced Optimized Data Placement auto-tiering technology epitomizes state-of-the-art data management by dynamically adjusting data placement across multiple storage tiers. This feature intelligently shifts data between high-performance and high-capacity media, ensuring optimal balance between performance and cost. It leverages real-time data usage patterns to automate the movement, significantly enhancing efficiency while reducing administrative overhead and without user intervention.

advanced auto tiering-technology

High Performance

Upper Tier Flash

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High Capacity

Lower Tier HDD

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Seamless Integration with Emerging Technologies

As storage technologies evolve, StorONE’s auto-tiering solution stands ready to incorporate next-generation media. It is designed with
future-proofing in mind, allowing for easy integration of new storage technologies without disrupting existing data storage platforms. This
forward-looking approach ensures that storage infrastructures can scale not only in capacity but also in technological innovation.

Cost-Effective Data Management

Our auto-tiering system excels in reducing total cost of ownership
(TCO) by minimizing reliance on premium storage for infrequently
accessed data. It automatically migrates less active data to more
cost-effective storage tiers, while still providing fast access when
needed. The strategic nature of our auto tiering technology
translates to significant cost savings while maintaining high
accessibility and performance. The auto-tiering can also adapt to
changing workloads automatically, reducing the administrative
burden of managing proper data placement.

What is Auto Tiering?

Optimized Data Placement

The StorONE system is highly advanced and equipped with complex algorithms that can identify workloads and adjust data transfer rates
accordingly. Users do not need to pre-set parameters for the number of days data should be kept in the upper tier; our system manages
optimization autonomously while providing end-users the option to pin highly utilized data in the fastest tier. 

Additionally, our system dynamically adjusts the size of the upper tier on a per-volume basis according to real-time workload and maximizing
hardware utilization. The system combines all writes in the upper tier for both random and sequential writes and normalizes them into sequential writes to thelower tier for efficient, high-performance migration, regardless of the type of media in the lower tier, such as HDDs.

All volume share the same drivers

All volume share the same drivers

Dynamic Data Mobility

The dynamic data mobility feature within StorONE’s auto-tiering offers seamless data flow across tiers without the need for manual
intervention or scheduled downtime. This capability ensures that data is always stored on the optimal media based on current usage patterns and system demands, thereby maximizing performance and extending the lifespan of underlying storage hardware.
This structured approach to data tiering not only enhances performance and reduces costs but also simplifies the storage architecture,
making it agile and adaptable to both current and future business needs.

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