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Our Innovations Set Us Apart From The Rest

Through these key innovations, your data can achieve unmatched mobility, allowing it to be anywhere you need it within the StorONE Storage Data Platform. The platform will evolve with you as new technologies emerge, and as your storage needs evolve or change over time, eliminating the need for painful migrations. Our commitment to data mobility ensures that you can run all protocols and utilize all storage media types to address a wide range of storage use-cases in the StorONE Storage Data Platform.

StorONE Virtual Storage Container™
- How It Works

The Virtual Storage Container™ gives customers unparalleled flexibility in data mobility between on-prem, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments, eliminates the hassles of migrations, and ensures the most important data is always highly available, and less active data isn’t slowing down the overall environment and running up costs.

Unlock the Power of High-Performance, Versatile, and Secure Storage Solutions

Our customer’s data is our number one priority. In such, we have created the only storage data platform that combines advanced innovative capabilities, and enabled an abstraction layer that ultimately removes the headache of upgrades, runs all protocols, and utilizes all media types both current & future, and with enhanced security features that mitigates ransomware threats with a recovery point of 60 seconds.

Our storage data platform supports multiple storage protocols, including block, file, and object-based storage, offering a versatile solution to meet the diverse needs of your applications and workloads.


Experience the ultimate combination of performance, efficiency, and reliability with cacheless architecture. By eliminating traditional caching limitations, our architecture maximizes storage media performance utilization, optimized resource utilization, streamlined data access, and enhanced data integrity for your critical workloads.


Discover the dynamic performance and cost savings with our intelligent feature that analyzes data access patterns, assigning them to the most suitable storage media type. Optimize storage resources, achieve significant cost savings, and enhance system performance for modern workloads.


Protect your critical data with StorONE’s vSnap. This advanced immutable snapshot feature offers unparalleled data security. Achieve a recovery point every 60 seconds with nominal capacity utilization and no effect on your application or storage performance. vSnapLock allows you to lock a data protection policy in place and prevents any potentially compromised account from changing it.


Maximize storage capacity while preserving data integrity through advanced erasure coding techniques. Seamlessly expand and reconfigure storage resources with our vRAID and Virtual Storage Container technology capabilities.


Experience enhanced data availability, minimizing downtime and enabling seamless business continuity. Your primary production array can be high- performance, highly-available, replicating to a non-redundant high- capacity disaster recovery warm site of different hardware.

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