Optimized Database Storage Solutions: Performance, Scalability, and Reliability


Uncompromising Data Integrity and Performance

Data integrity and performance are paramount in our database design architecture. Thanks to our StorONE cashless architecture, a database commit or write completion to storage is never double-buffered or vulnerable to loss, guaranteeing application consistency at any point in time. Additionally, through media pooling and isolation, database administrators now have a system that can maintain critical database workloads separately from other potentially resource-competitive tasks, ensuring the highest levels of data integrity and performance for their applications.
enhanced performance

Enhanced Performance

Our storage data platform delivers enhanced performance tailored specifically for databases. Through a cacheless architecture, optimized data placement, and intelligent

resource utilization, we maximize data access efficiency and speed, resulting in faster database operations and improved overall performance. Our scalability and flexibility ensure that our databases can seamlessly accommodate growing workloads while maintaining optimal performance levels. As the system grows larger with more drives, the system performance improves linearly with the added media resources. We also offer the capability of media pooling to ensure your mission-critical databases are not in a shared resource pool. Our focus on data protection and resiliency, including vSnap technology for seamless backups and enhanced database resiliency, provides reliable data protection and efficient recovery mechanisms. With us, databases can operate at turbocharged speeds while benefiting from robust data protection and resilience. Our vSnap technology doesn’t disrupt the database when we take immutable snapshots. Our VSS plugin and RESTful interfaces ensure application-level consistency, further facilitating rapid recovery operations. Synchronous replication between S1 systems or the cloud completes the overall database strategy for the most demanding organizational requirements.

Batch Processing Efficiency and Data Integrity

batch processing

Our performance optimization features enable us to enhance the efficiency of your database batch processing. With high-performance storage capabilities and optimized data placement, we accelerate data access and processing speeds, reducing your batch execution times and improving overall throughput. Our scalable and flexible infrastructure adapts to your evolving needs, seamlessly integrating with your existing database environments. Our robust data protection mechanisms ensure data integrity and business continuity during batch- processing operations.

Optimized Testing and Development

Elevating database test and development, our storage platform optimizes resource utilization. Our Virtual Storage Container™ empowers us to clone and rapidly provision test environments, accelerating the development lifecycle. With robust data protection features, we ensure the safety and recoverability of your critical data, minimizing downtime and promoting efficient testing.

High-Performance Queries

Empowering database query performance, our storage data platform from StorONE delivers faster execution times and reduced latency. We experience improved productivity and more efficient decision-making with advanced storage technologies and optimization techniques. Our scalability and flexibility enable us to seamlessly handle growing data volumes, performance requirements, and evolving query workloads, without compromising performance. Our intelligent data placement ensures optimal query response times by automatically placing frequently accessed data on high-performance storage media. This turbocharged performance empowers us to accelerate your queries and optimize your overall database performance.

high performance queries
Reliable Recovery

Reliable Recovery

StorONE ensures reliable data recovery for your databases, offering robust mechanisms to restore critical data. With snapshot-based backups and point-in-time recovery, we can efficiently recover databases from specific moments, minimizing downtime and data loss. Our granular rollback options enable precise rollback of specific transactions or changes down to the file level, reducing the impact on ongoing operations. Efficient data replication further enhances data recovery, maintaining synchronized copies for seamless switchovers and ensuring business continuity. Our data resilience capabilities provide our customers with reliable recovery options and increased confidence in database operations.


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