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High Performance – Scale to millions of IOPS with very low latency (AFA) or high throughout (AFA and JBODs of HDD)
High Capacity – Scale to dozens of PBs HDD in a single cabinet or a Hybrid storage solution with AFA and HDD
Physical appliance / Virtual applianceLess than $0.01/GB per month over a 5 year contract

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100,000 IOPS with a single VM

S1 from StorONE is a new generation of enterprise storage software that allows data centers to simultaneously increase the performance and data protection of storage while decreasing the cost and complexity of adding additional storage.

The wait is over for a software-defined storage technology that delivers enterprise class storage, high performance, complete data protection, and no performance degradation – all with lower cost than the cloud. S1 delivers on the industry’s decade-old promise with a ground-breaking advance in storage technology that outperforms virtually any other storage solution on the market. S1 is the industry’s ONLY high performance and high capacity storage software solution that delivers immediate ROI with ease of use and complete integrated enterprise data protection. S1 can be up and running in less than 30 minutes to optimize and manage your on-premises or cloud storage thanks to enterprise storage software best-in-class ease of use.

S1 – StorONE – Simplicity without Compromise

3 Key Advantages in One Product from One Vendor

Total Resource Utilization – extract more from the drives. E.g. 70,000 IOPS/ single SSD. NO need to install proprietary drivers on the host or change any configurations.

Unlimited snapshots with no performance degradation. Any amount of drive failure per volume. NO RAID restrictions!

All storage services, including DATA PROTECTION AND RETENTION working continuously without any performance degradation. NO planning required!

S1 leverages improvements in drive technology and innovation including high performance, density, and reduced cost. The S1 solution delivers persistent integrity, unlimited snapshots and up to 1.5M IOPS in a 2U. S1 is 5X faster and costs less regardless of hardware or protocols.

All storage services are included in a single system providing simplicity, flexibility and ease of use.

  • Supports all protocols (block, file, and object), drives, workloads and applications running together in the same system.
  • Future-proof – Get the benefits of the latest drive innovation by mixing any drive types (NVMe/SSD/HDD), capacity and performance.
  • High performance by default. No need to install proprietary drivers on the host or change any configuration to realize high performance.

The lowest TCO and OPEX
We THINK RESULTS™ at StorONE by offering unique storage solutions that provide IMMEDIATE ROI from day one.

  • Costs less than your current annual maintenance contract
  • Lowest TCO – CAPEX and OPEX
  • 5X more performance with minimum drives required or save 80% on your storage costs

All the benefits of a complete storage software solution without adding more drives or compute power!

S1 delivers all the improvements in drive technology and innovation

Ask yourself:
How can you benefit from next generation drive innovation?

In today’s market, drive innovation has delivered unprecedented levels of density and performance. Drive capacity and performance has jumped by over 1,000x – from 18GB to over 16TB, and from 100 IOPS to over 100,000 IOPS per drive (networking jumped from 100Mbps to 100Gbps). At the same time, the price per TB has dropped dramatically.

  • Why do you still need so many drives to deliver the spec of a single drive? If the single SSD drive spec is 70,000 IOPS, a 24-drive system should deliver ~1.5M IOPS. So why are you only getting 10% of that performance?
  • Why can’t you get half a PB of SSD with the high density drives in a 2U AFA? Why can’t you get 10PB of HDD in a single cabinet?
  • Why ARE YOU PAYING SO MUCH for commodity drives in a solution when you can purchase them online for up to 90% less?
  • Why do you keep paying extra for multiple data protection solutions?

The challenge to achieve performance and capacity has been largely solved thanks to the latest innovations in drive technology. The new challenge is to deliver a high performance, complete, integrated data protection and retention storage solution that is easy to use with minimal hardware.


We THINK RESULTS. In everything we do, we think about the Best RESULTS for the customer
StorONE. Realizing the full value of your data:

  • Store more active data on a SSD/NVMe tier
  • Store more online and active data on HDD and less on tape

in a single powerful solution

It’s not only a storage solution, it’s a complete all inclusive storage solution with the Lowest CAPEX and OPEX with integrated data protection and data retention
If you are paying more than a $0.01 per GB per Month for the storage software, you should re-evaluate your storage software NOW!
Try S1 today for immediate ROI, future-proof performance, persistent integrity, and unlimited snapshots. And for the first time, get what you pay for

enables better RESULTS


StorOne storage is set to disrupt the software-defined market

StorOne’s TRU Storage technology raises the bar for software-defined storage by gathering together universal pools of storage across disparate hardware that any workload can use.

By Jon Toigo on 10.03.2018
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Exclusive Interview With Gal Naor, CEO and C0-Founder, StorONE

“Today’s storage solutions are inefficient and too expensive.”

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StorONE is one of the few companies that didn’t race to market with old software to get on the flash storage bandwagon. Instead, it created storage software from the ground up to take advantage of the new capabilities of processors and media.

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StorOne wil storage markt opschudden

De Israëlische startup StorONE met onder andere Seagate als investeerder naast diverse venture capital firma’s, wil de markt voor storage opschudden door enterprise grade storage aan te bieden voor 1 dollarcent per Gigabyte…

By Redactie on 11.28.2017
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StorONE Launches TRU Storage to Run on Any Media

Any company that can persuade IT heavyweights such as John Thompson and Ed Zander to be on the board of directors is a company with which to be reckoned.

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StorOne dévoile une plate-forme de stockage logicielle ambitieuse

La jeune pousse israélienne, fruit des travaux du fondateur de StorWize et de l’ex-architecte de Galileo Technologies, vient de dévoiler TRU, un système d’exploitation de stockage unifié (blocs, fichiers et objets) qui promet de délivrer des performances optimale à un prix très bas.

By Christophe Bardy on 11.24.2017
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StorONE “re-invents” storage stack to set hardware free

After 6 years of work, 35 people in StorONE say storage industry’s wrong

By Chris Mellor on 11.23.2017
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StorONE formally launches, pledging sub-penny per GB storage

The secret sauce of StorONE is software that took six years to engineer, and which produces very low prices by supporting all types of disks, all protocols and storage services in a single layer.

By Mark Cox on 11.22.2017
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StorOne attacks bottlenecks with new TRU storage software

After six years of development, an Israeli startup launches new Total Resource Utilization storage software that aims to eliminate bottlenecks and improve storage efficiency.

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Low Cost Digital Storage Options

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CEO Gal Naor co-founded Storwize in 2004.

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Seagate owns 5% of this unknown Israeli start-up.

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