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The Best Cost & Performance High-Capacity
Storage Solution

StorONE has solved one of the most challenging problems in the storage sector: delivering exceptionally high performance at the lowest possible cost. Rather than simply utilizing the most expensive hardware in large quantities (which is the easiest approach), StorONE has developed the most advanced software that maximizes the efficiency and utilization of the newest and best hardware. This capability minimizes the amount of hardware necessary, thereby reducing costs significantly.

StorONE is the first and only solution on the market that consolidates all storage use cases into a single product, without compromising hardware, features, protocols, or media choices, offering unprecedented future-proof flexibility across various protocols, drives, nodes, and clouds.

Our technical innovation simplifies data management for storage professionals and delivers significant business value by enhancing operational efficiency and reducing the total cost of ownership.


Elevate Your Storage Experience

Reliable Data
Access Every

Trust in the power of unparalleled data protection, resiliency, and high availability with StorONE. Your data's safety is our priority, ensuring uninterrupted access when you need it.


Redefine simplicity with our intuitive storage software platform, designed to manage your entire storage environment seamlessly. Say goodbye to complexities and streamline your operations by managing your storage effortlessly, no matter where your data resides.

Boundless Data
Mobility - Now
and Forever

No matter the destination – be it on-prem, cloud, multi-cloud, hybrid, or new hardware – your data flows seamlessly. With StorONE, your data's mobility is timeless.

Savings with

Trust in the power of unparalleled data protection, resiliency, and high availability with StorONE. Your data's safety is our priority, ensuring uninterrupted access when you need it.

Stay One Step
Ahead of

With StorONE's unmatched data security, fend off potential threats with ease. And in the rare instance of a security breach, count on instant data recovery to restore your peace of mind.

Adaptive and

Your storage must not only meet your current needs but also adapt to evolving business requirements, both today and in the next 5 to 10 years. StorONE provides unparalleled flexibility, scalability, and simultaneous support for multiple protocols with current and future technologies, ensuring your storage platform remains one step ahead of your future environment.


Unexpected data loss is no longer a catastrophe. StorONE ensures instant data recovery, putting you back in the driver's seat almost immediately.

One Platform,
All Protocols,
All at Once

Access a universe of endless possibilities with StorONE. From NAS to SAN to Object, every current and future storage protocol you need is housed under one unified platform, ensuring you have access to every storage protocol, anywhere, anytime.

Uncompromising Storage: No More Trade-Offs

StorONE has resolved the issue that always required customers to compromise and not receive the best storage solution available.

Organizations no longer need to delete data due to costly infrastructure or compromise on data resiliency and protection because of performance degradation, expense concerns or vulnerabilities in data security.

StorONE’s solution eliminates the typical trade-offs between high capacity with high performance and cost, data resiliency, and future-proofing. This ensures a reliable and scalable storage environment that doesn’t sacrifice quality due to hardware limitations and financial constraints, setting a new benchmark for efficient data management.

Our solution is not just about data storage. It’s a revolution in how businesses handle their data, offering a comprehensive solution that eliminates the need to make difficult choices. This forward-thinking approach ensures that your storage infrastructure is not just a place to keep data, but a strategic asset that drives value and efficiency across your organization.

The Best Guarantee for Future AI

Organizations hesitate to delete data without understanding how future AI capabilities might leverage it to find business value. Often, they deal with vast amounts of data, where transferring data to new drives could take months or years and might become outdated by the time the transfer is completed. 

StorONE has addressed this challenge by introducing the capability to add a high-performance, additional tier through multi-tiering with auto-tiering. This technology makes every data lake valuable by enabling data processing with new AI mechanisms. Relevant data is promoted to the higher tier for processing and then returned to the lower tier.

StorONE’s solution enables efficient data retention without the need for costly and lengthy migrations, and keeps expenses under control. This efficiency paves the way for the adoption of technological innovations in AI software, and the performance and capacity of new drives

The Best Guarantee for Future AI

Advanced Auto-Tiering

Historically, auto-tiering technologies have emerged as a way of moving data from expensive Flash to low-cost HDDs. The methods used to move data were very rudimentary, in that they tended to be based on a flat schedule or if the flash filled up. This was very inefficient and would often cause impacts to production applications. This also forced people to adopt higher administrative overhead to avoid these impacts.

StorONE introduces advanced auto-tiering, leveraging the latest in hardware innovation to balance performance and capacity, ensuring a cost-effective storage solution. This system enables high-performance data movement between tiers during idle or slower periods and can adapt to a changing workload by increasing or decreasing resources used for the upper tier. This advanced tiering capability is designed to support current and future hardware for many different tiering configurations for future expansion with emerging technologies.

Our advanced Auto Tiering automatically moves inactive data to a lower-cost tier, with the option for future reads from both tiers based on cost-effectiveness. Additionally, as new high-performance drives are introduced, a new upper tier can be integrated seamlessly.

The solution’s versatility also supports mixing different types of drives within the same volume without the need for data migration. This is more than Flash to HDD, it can also be High-Speed Flash to Read Optimized Flash. Now customers have choices and can avoid application impacts without adding administrative overhead.

StorONE’s Virtual Storage Container™

Flexibility, Scalability, and Cost Savings with StorONE’s Virtual Storage Container™

Achieve complete data center virtualization with our groundbreaking storage platform. StorONE offers enterprise-class performance that seamlessly separates software from hardware layers, uniting all workloads under ONE platform. Say goodbye to complex storage management and embrace simplified operations, reduced costs, and improved data accessibility.

Industry-Focused Excellence

At StorONE, we understand that each industry has unique storage requirements and challenges. With our extensive multi-industry experience, we have developed efficient storage solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of various sectors. With deep understanding of industry-specific demands, we empower businesses across diverse sectors to harness the power of efficient storage solutions that drive success and innovation.


Empowering Healthcare Data Management


Maximizing Profitability with Cost-Efficient Storage Solutions


Evolving with Higher Education’s Dynamic Landscape


Ensuring Security, Continuity, and Peak Performance


Boost life sciences research with tiered high-performance storage


Harnessing data for unparalleled customer insights


Providing a powerful combination of security, cost-effectiveness, and ease of management


Archiving today’s content for tomorrow’s audiences


Empowering businesses to adapt to changing market dynamics and optimize costs


Optimizing workflows with tailored storage solutions


Seamless integration on-premises and across cloud environments

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