StorONE’s TRUTM (Total Resource Utilization) Storage is the result of investing six years in deep R&D, rewriting the storage software architecture to make it resource efficient while maintaining all of the required Enterprise class services, including unlimited snapshots. While other vendors achieve their storage solution by adding more hardware, StorONE is first storage vendor to tell the customer to reduce the amount of the hardware in order to get more performance.

With current drive technology having such high performance and density, it is no longer a challenge to implement any high performance or high capacity storage solution. Any integration project can achieve this with high performance drives or with a large amount of JBODs. Hardware has eliminated the bottlenecks of the past and continues to get faster and denser.

StorONE gives the user, for the first time, the full value of the resources they purchased. With StorONE’s enterprise-class TRUTM Storage software, a customer’s hardware investment will match the rated IOPS, throughput and capacity of the drive regardless of whether it is SSD, NVMe or HDD. More than that, TRUTM Storage software includes enterprise storage features such as unlimited snapshots, support for all storage protocols (block, file and object) on the same drives, and support for all drive types in the same server. There is no need to integrate multiple storage solutions when users can get a single solution, multi-purpose software that runs at wire speed.

Henry Ford once said that if he asked his customers what they needed, they would say faster horses. In the same way, StorONE believes if today’s storage customers were asked what they need in order to get better performance, they would say faster hardware. Vendors have convinced users that they need multiple copies, a multitude of drives and huge investments in hardware.

But at what cost?


Your organization needs better storage and you’ve already researched all available solutions. But something is amiss. Regardless of which solution you’re considering, you still find yourself worrying about the following issues:


Why can’t you simply upgrade to new innovative technologies like faster, higher capacity drives without migrating and replacing your existing system? And why aren’t storage systems able to fully exploit the benefits of moving to such technologies? Why can’t you get the actual full performance offered by an SSD manufacturer when replacing your legacy HDD’s rather than a 10 to 20% improvement?


Why is managing a physical storage infrastructure so difficult? And what can be done about environmental limitations, such as space, power and cooling, that prevent easy expansion?


Why is the price per TB of the overall storage system still so expensive when using low-cost, off-the-shelf HDD or SSD media?


Why do you need to deploy a complex combination of disparate solutions in order to meet your overall storage requirements? A separate solution just to reliably manage large amounts of snapshots? How do you manage to mix a hyper-converged infrastructure with a traditional infrastructure?

StorONE believes that these should never be issues for our customers.


StorONE’s vision is to focus on delivering the best possible overall results. We’ve achieved this by using a series of innovations that revolutionize the entire storage stack. It’s in our DNA to challenge conventional technology and ask “How can we do this better?”
We think results and believe that you do too.

It’s no longer a challenge to simply meet certain storage requirements such as high performance or high capacity. This can be readily achieved if you are willing to sacrifice other factors. The real challenge is to deliver a solution that not only meets the standard requirements of capacity and performance but delivers the best results across all other factors as well – Hardware, Complexity, Cost and Completeness.
This is what StorONE is all about.

Using StorONE’s technology, it’s now possible to deliver virtually any performance/capacity ratio while dramatically lowering hardware requirements, cost and complexity.

The result is an unmatched combination of small form factor, lower TCO, minimized environmental impact, ease of use and long life span without compromising your traditional storage requirements.


TRUTM storage can be installed as a physical server – any white appliance without any special hardware requirement OR as a virtual appliance without the need to change your existing virtualization infrastructure. A single virtual appliance with low resources can achieve performance comparable to a mid-range storage solution with only 4 SSD. 4 NVMe drives can achieve the performance and latency of a high end solution and a single HDD JBOD can provide 5GBps with high capacity utilization.

TRUTM storage can be installed as a physical server – any white appliance without any special hardware requirement OR as a virtual appliance without the need to change your existing virtualization infrastructure. A single virtual appliance with low resources can achieve performance comparable to a mid-range storage solution with only 4 SSD. 4 NVMe drives can achieve the performance and latency of a high end solution and a single HDD JBOD can provide 5GBps with high capacity utilization.

StorONE provides full competence for performance, capacity and data protection for both structured and unstructured data through a single software solution installed on the commodity hardware of your choice. StorONE significantly improves raw capacity utilization and reduces footprint by giving you the ability to mix and match drive types without performance or capacity restrictions. This results in significant improvements in hard and soft costs associated with your storage environment while better aligning overall storage performance with aggregate drive performance.
This is StorONE. This is our philosophy. This is our DNA.




With more than 50 patents awarded in our first six years of deep technical development, StorONE has completed our revolutionary new technology that reimagines the fundamental nature of traditional storage software.

Our founders are pioneers in technology revolutions. Gal Naor, CEO, was the first to deliver real-time storage compression technology with no performance penalty with StorWIZE (acquired by IBM in 2010 and now IBM’s key embedded storage technology). Raz Gordon, CTO, is the inventor of the Ethernet switching algorithms of Galileo Technology (acquired 2001 by Marvell for $2.7B) that enabled the creation of the world’s first single-chip Ethernet switch by dramatically reducing hardware complexity and pushing performance to its theoretical maximum.

StorONE is well funded by institutional and private investors, including Microsoft’s Chairman John Thompson and former CEO of Motorola and President of Sun Microsystems Edward Zander, and technology companies such as Seagate; and venture capital firms Giza, Vaizra and JGV.

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