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Software Defined Storage

Total Resource Utilization (TRU) Software Defined Storage (SDS) gives you the power to simultaneously increase performance and data protection while decreasing the cost and complexity of adding storage capacity

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StorONE Announces Storage-as-a-Service (S1aaS)

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StorONE Makes It 2 in a Row

Attention Data Executives

How Are Agile Data Centers Unlocking 100% of the Performance of Every Drive In Their Data Center– While Slashing Storage Costs As Much As 80% - With Far Greater Data Protection?


They’ve discovered StorONE, the only true Software Defined Storage Solution that delivers:

  • A unified, easy to use storage operating system for all drives and protocols!
  • The industry’s best data protection with no additional hardware and ZERO loss of performance...
  • 100% drive performance utilization versus the 20% utilization you are currently experiencing...
  • A cost reduction of as much as 80% over what you are currently paying for high performance storage...
  • No frustrating hardware lock-in…
  • The lowest CAPEX and OPEX while using the highest quality hardware…

Simply Put, StorONE’s SDS Technology Breakthrough Is Light Years Ahead of Anything You’re Using Right Now!

It took 8 years of deep research and technical development to discover how to make it work, during which StorONE was granted more than 50 patents.

It’s so advanced, in fact... it’s attracted a “who’s who” of legendary tech visionaries to the StorONE Advisory Board, including…


John Thompson

Microsoft Chairman


Ed Zander

Former CEO and Chairman of Motorola


Kirk Bradley

Oracle Executive Technical Advisor

Plus, strategic investment from such industry leading companies as Seagate, who fully recognize that this new technology will change everything.

Co-founded by storage expert Gal Naor, former CEO and founder of StorWize (acquired by IBM) where he changed the utilization and pricing of drives with the first real-time data storage compression technology in 2005. The team of founders were also the first to develop full wire-speed networking technology which transformed the entire networking industry.

The driving motivation of the founders is THINK RESULTS.

This simple motto means always thinking about the best results for every component of storage.



Increase the performance level of every drive so you get the speed to support today’s performance hungry applications.



Complete hardware flexibility so you can always use the best drives for each application and never experience hardware lock-in.



Ease of operation and management and high quality hardware so you can quickly respond to the needs of the enterprise and don’t have to worry about untimely hardware replacement.



The highest level of data protection so no-one has to worry about a loss of data.

The Result:

Low CAPEX and OPEX so you can meet the ever expanding needs for more and faster storage without exceeding your budget

25GB/s Throughput System With and Without StorONE 

  With StorONE Without StorONE
Nodes 2 6
NVME Drives 24 138
Required # of Cores 40 300
Processing Power 9.6 GHz 99 GHz
Initiators 3 20
Unlimited Snapshots & Data Protection Included Extra

What This Means To You

Data Center Manager
Storage Architect


In Today’s Fast-Paced, Highly-Competitive Environment - You Can’t Afford to Take Unnecessary Risks

In today’s business environment, you can’t afford to get comfortable. We don’t know what the future will hold for you or your organization, but we do know three absolute certainties about it:

  1. You will need more and more storage...
  2. You will need greater and greater performance...
  3. You will be expected to do it all with a whole lot less money!

You can’t allow yourself and your team to be at the mercy of an old, antiquated data storage system that consistently requires you to make a compromise between performance and data protection, forces you to add extra hardware and complexity you don’t need, and locks you into premium hardware, at premium prices.

It also means you can’t afford to put your blind trust in a data storage provider that doesn’t think first and foremost about optimizing results across your entire enterprise, both today and in the future.

You can’t afford slow, cumbersome, inefficient and costly storage. You need a storage solution that will allow you to wring maximum capacity and performance out of your drives with total resource utilization and immediate ROI, right out of the box.

Data Center Manager

You Have a Rare Opportunity to Jump Ahead

Because the simple fact is…

You will have no choice but to adopt this groundbreaking new technology in the not-too-distant future. That is, if you have any hope at all of staying competitive and relevant.

You can wait until everyone else has adopted it, then try to catch up. Or you can take the bull by the horns now, and be one of the leaders. Either way, you’ve got to decide which side of the fence you want to be on.

Early adopters of this technology will have a decided competitive edge, so it’s in your best interest to understand what this breakthrough is at the very least, so you can make an informed decision.

That’s why we’ve devised an easy, risk-free way for you to try it. All it takes is 30 minutes of your time - and once you see it, and try it for yourself, the right decision will be immediately clear.

Storage Architect

S1 is a new generation of enterprise storage software that completely separates storage hardware from storage software.

What’s more, StorONE is the only company that’s been able to achieve total separation.

As such, S1 is the only storage solution that gives you the power to simultaneously increase performance and data protection, whiledecreasing the cost and complexity of adding hardware.

Other companies claim to be partially there. They claim to have true “software-defined storage” capabilities. However, they’ve failed time and again to overcome the most difficult components of truly separating the two. They’re always, in some way, dependent on some type of hardware, or they simply can’t deliver on all of the essential benefits of moving to software-defined storage in the first place.

Only StorONE has been able to overcome all of these issues to develop a technology that truly separates software from hardware, so you’re not at the mercy of any specific brand or type of hardware.

Consequently, you get the best data storage, the lowest CAPEX and OPEX, with maximum hardware utilization, plus, future proofing with all storage services on the same platform.

StorONE S1 is a TRU (Total Resource Utilization) software-based enterprise storage solution that reduces the required amount of compute, network and hardware resources by up to 80%...

 And here’s the kicker: you get all of this with a level of performance that’s equal to, or better, than more costly storage solutions. Imagine having 100% complete protection of all your critical data, always having the most advanced drives and processors, upgrading any time and any way you choose - without worrying about hardware lock-in or compromising performance, and doing so for as much as 80% less than you’re paying right now.

Thanks to StorONE’s revolutionary new S1 technology...

You Can Rapidly Transform Your Data Storage from a “Cost Center” to a Key Competitive Advantage!

The StorONE Technology

StorONE Patented Total Resource Utilization Software

All Storage on a Single Platform With Complete Data Protection and Retention


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Our promise at StorONE is simple: You’ll get all of the advanced features and functionality you need to instantly slash your data storage costs by up to 80% all while enjoying greater performance and efficiency.