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The Write Cache Crutch

Most storage systems create a write-cache using system RAM to accelerate performance. The write cache crutch enables these systems to improve performance. Like most crutches, however, it creates dependencies that […]

ROI of Storage Efficiency

For the first time, IT professionals can see the ROI of storage efficiency thanks to StorONE’s TRUprice. The number one question we get when people try out TRUprice is how […]

High Availability vs. Budget Availability

For many organizations high-availability is non-negotiable, for others it is a battle between high availability vs. budget availability. If resources and budgets were no object, all storage would be replicated […]

Write-Caches Are Unnecessary

Write cache has been an essential component of storage systems for many years, designed to improve performance by buffering writes and minimizing disk access. However, the rise of new storage […]

Maximizing Primary Storage Data Protection

By maximizing primary storage data protection, organizations can better protect themselves from ransomware, accidental data loss, and site-wide disasters. Most primary storage systems have all the essential features to protect […]

Hybrid Cloud Eliminates Backup

While snapshots can reduce your dependencies on it, if implemented correctly, Hybrid Cloud eliminates backup. In reality, primary storage solutions should have eliminated backup many years ago. The problem is […]

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