StorONE’s TRUTM (Total Resource Utilization) enterprise storage software technology was born from the realization that the bottleneck of enterprise storage systems had shifted over the last decade from the peripherals (network bandwidth and drive performance) to the storage software itself. The traditional equation – slow drives and network connectivity vs. fast CPUs, which were doubling their performance every several years, had flipped. Both network bandwidth and drive performance accelerated 1,000 to 10,000 times, while CPUs improved a mere 30-50%.




What makes a storage vendor (SV) an Enterprise Storage Vendor (ESV) is the software that implements the storage services and features required for the enterprise. Virtually all ESVs rely on legacy software that was designed for the old, now irrelevant, equation. As a result, enterprise storage systems suffer from extreme inefficiencies that lead to an insane waste of hardware, budgets, management attention, environmental issues (e.g. power and cooling), infrastructures, real estate and more.

Storage professionals are very familiar with this phenomenon: storage systems filling up full cabinets yield miserable results equivalent to the raw performance of a few drives that go for less than 1% the cost of the storage system. In many real-world cases, enterprise storage systems yield less than 10% the aggregate performance of the drives installed in the system.

Trying to reach the combination of performance and functionality required by their customers, ESVs have been adding more and more hardware: more servers, more drives, more network bandwidth, etc. This reached insane levels, but customers continued to pay because they needed the combination of performance, enterprise storage services and functionality, and they had no alternative.

It is no longer a challenge to achieve any performance or capacity level. Just add more and more hardware. The real question is the efficiency of the solution: if, at the bottom line, your storage yields 10% of the aggregate raw drive performance, it means that 90% of your investment in the drives went down the drain. Add the extra cost of servers, UPSs, Infiniband or other ultrafast interconnects and switches, huge amounts of DRAM and SSD caches (all these are required to mitigate the inherent inefficiencies of the storage software), and you end up with horrifically-expensive storage systems that leave you with shiny front panels, but extremely disappointing results.

StorONE’s TRUTM is the first enterprise storage software that keeps up with the pace of modern storage peripherals and delivers the full value of the customer’s investment in hardware to the applications. Use a virtual appliance and a few drives to get the combination of performance and functionality equivalent to that of a full cabinet loaded with servers, UPSs and shelves of SSDs.

TRUTM is a genuine all-in-one software that runs off physical or virtual appliances, and supports and handles a mixture of drives, storage protocols and workloads within the same storage system.

TRUTM also dramatically improves traditional enterprise storage services: superior data protection, configurable per volume, which is both space-saving and highly fault-tolerant (no more wasting 50% of your raw capacity on mirroring, while at risk of losing data upon the 2nd or 3rd drive failure); built-in transparent data retention – set and forget, and you will never lose data again, even due to human errors; unlimited, blazingly-fast snapshots with no performance degradation; innovative capacity reduction, and more.

TRUTM storage can be tailored in a variety of configurations for different usage profiles. Regardless of your use case and workloads, TRUTM will provide you with the most efficient and cost-effective enterprise storage software.

TRUTM storage can be installed as a physical server or virtual appliance without the need to change your existing virtualization infrastructure. A single virtual appliance with low resources and only 4 SSDs can achieve performance comparable to that of a midrange storage solution. 4 NVMe drives can achieve performance and latency of a high end solution and a single HDD JBOD can provide throughput of 5GBps with high capacity utilization.

These are just examples of how customers use TRUTM. The true flexibility of TRUTM is virtually infinite. Contact us to find out more about TRUTM and how it will deliver the full value of your investment in hardware.