Better Storage, Better Protection, Better Pricing

Storage shouldn’t be so hard or so expensive. It is time for better storage and better pricing. The StorONE Q3-2020 release continues our assault on storage complexity by delivering critical new features that improve our customer’s ability to protect their data while lowering storage costs. 

Better Storage Pricing

Earlier this year, StorONE put the industry on notice with its TRUprice configuration tool, enabling IT professionals to configure and price a storage solution to meet their exact needs. Thanks to the success of that program, StorONE is receiving new, lower hardware costs. Because we are primarily a software company, we are enabling our customers to benefit from our unique positioning. 

Better Storage Software means better storage pricing
Better Storage means Better Pricing

Starting today, StorONE offers a 1PB All-Flash Array for $499k and a 500TB system for $249k. Additionally, because StorONE isn’t afraid of data tiering, we also provide hybrid configurations. Our 1PB Hybrid system, which includes a 92TB flash tier is $249k, and a 646TB hybrid system which includes a 46TB flash tier, is $162k. All of these configurations are readily available and include the StorONE Enterprise Storage Platform software. 

Better Storage Innovation

The lack of innovation in storage software has led many IT professionals to assume that all storage features are the same. StorONE, however, is unique. We use new, superior storage algorithms to deliver better and more efficient capabilities. For example, our DirectWrite feature provides extremely high-performance but doesn’t require using risky write caches. Our software confirms all writes on persistent media before acknowledging the write to the application. 

Our snapshot technology enables you to execute snapshots every three minutes while also retaining those snapshots indefinitely. StorONE can maintain millions of snapshots without impacting performance in any way. The S1 Platform delivers all of these capabilities without compromising performance. Our systems still provide hundreds of thousands of IOPS and maximum bandwidth, even with millions of active snapshots. 

Fastest RAID Rebuilds

Better Storage means faster RAID rebuilds
Fasted RAID Rebuilds!

In StorONE’s new Q3-2020 release, we’ve raised the bar on data protection even further than before. vRAID, our high performance, erasure coding-based media failure protection capability, now offers even faster RAID rebuilds. StorONE can now rebuild flash-based volumes within two to three minutes. Other all-flash systems often make their customers suffer from double-digit hours rebuild times. S1 can even rebuild high capacity hard disk-based volumes within four or five hours. Our customers, with competitive solutions, tell us they experience days to weeks of recovery times with high capacity hard disks. The ability to quickly return to a protected state not only saves time and reduces risk, but it also enables you to reduce the number of drives you must set aside for failure protection, which can further reduce costs. 

Better Data Protection

Building on vRAID, the Q3-2020 release provides a new capability, vRACK, to protect against total rack failure. vRACK extends our erasure coding algorithm so that customers can eliminate JBODs, JBOFs, and entire racks as failure points. vRACK provides similar protection to a synchronous mirror without the 100% capacity overhead. 

Further building on our passion for data protection is vReplicate, an extension of our S1:Replicate technology, a snapshot independent replication technology that provides customers with full protection from a disaster. vReplicate enables customers to replicate synchronously to an S1 cluster in another building while simultaneously replicating asynchronously to an S1 cluster thousands of miles away. 

vReplicate can allow a volume to simultaneously send data to up to sixteen DR targets around the world. Most importantly, IT professionals have full control over the replication process. They can replicate from an Optane-powered All-Flash system to a hard-disk-based system. A single S1 cluster can have some volumes set to synchronously replicate to a local S1 cluster while others replicate asynchronously. 

Better Storage Platform

At StorONE, we want to help you solve today’s problems while creating a platform for a long-lasting storage consolidation project. The S1 Enterprise Storage Platform is extremely cost-effective upfront, and we prove it with TRUprice. The same storage controllers can start as small as 46TB and scale to 15PB. It also provides supports for all storage use cases, including block, file, and object. The Q3-2020 release makes the platform more robust than ever by adding support for attaching hosts via NVMe-oF. Customers are also using the S1 Platform as a replacement for NetApp and Isilon deployments. As a result, the Q3-2020 release adds specific capabilities to our NAS capabilities to make those transitions easier. 

Learn More

On Thursday, October 15th, at 1:00 pm, ET, StorONE will be hosting a webinar to discuss these new capabilities. When combined with the rest of the S1 Enterprise Platform feature set, it enables IT to eliminate separate backup and disaster recovery processes. Join us live for “Learn the Five Levels of Protection Required to Eliminate Backup and DR” pre-register today and receive a copy of our white paper “Reducing Backup Costs with Better Primary Storage” soon after registering.

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