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Today, StorONE announces rapid expansion of our Go-to-Market team. We spent the first eight years rewriting and optimizing storage algorithms that allow the StorONE Enterprise Storage Platform to deliver the highest performance while using less hardware. The result is the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO).

The next generation of storage vendors will deliver both high-performance and capacity using the absolute minimum hardware, reducing storage TCO. At the same time, they will redefine maximum data protection and still deliver high performance. StorONE is the ONLY next-generation storage vendor today.

next generation storage vendor

Like putting new treads on an old tire, the current generation of storage vendors suffers because of their dependency on 20+ year old legacy code which they wrap around their feature set. The use of this legacy code cripples their ability to extract maximum performance, fully utilize modern storage hardware’s capacity, and provide long-term future-proofing to eliminate storage migrations. The result is that they need even more hardware to compensate for their inefficiency.

As a Seller, Solution Architect, or Channel Manager, why consider StorONE? Here’s how StorONE will improve your Customers’ daily grind:

  • No Hardware Lock-in: StorONE offers our solution as an appliance. We couple our software with the highest quality, most available, high-value hardware. In today’s crazy supply-chain-driven world, the ability to change hardware vendors on the fly allows us to align to our customer’s needs and deliver solutions quickly. We can also take advantage of the latest hardware improvements as they become available, regardless of brand. We also have a comprehensive hardware compatibility list. While we offer an appliance for simplicity, we also enable our customers and partners to leverage their choice of hardware.
  • All Channel, All the Time: We recognize that our partners are the trusted advisor to their customers. We augment this value by assisting our channel partners in providing the most comprehensive solution that solves their end-users’ business problems.
  • One Platform, No Forklift Upgrades: A core tenant to our product is to be a singular software platform. We continue to update our platform to leverage advances in software and hardware in an uninterrupted way. Adding new hardware and removing old hardware is as easy as “point and click with NO migration,” regardless of whether it is in a data center or the cloud.
  • Standby Storage at the Price of a Backup Target: As ransomware attacks have become more pervasive, the need for standby, production-ready storage is paramount. Our backup-server software partners provide the ability to restore quickly, but they need a backup storage target that maintains a high quality of service. Production-class performance in the recovered state is a requirement for their business continuance strategy. Traditionally, end-users need to restore to their production systems (which may not be available) to return to typical performance SLAs. This restore process takes time and prohibits the ability to triage the cause of the event. Our unique architecture allows our customers to run their production workloads on their S1:Backup target while maintaining production-class performance.

Have you built a career in storage because you love the technology and bringing solutions to the market that delight your customers? Do you seek to be part of the next big thing? Do you desire to build something great with the autonomy needed to chart your path? Join the team and help us build the next evolution of Enterprise Storage. Let’s talk!

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Chris Noordyke

Prior to joining StorONE, Chris was the VP of Worldwide Sales with Rezilion, a cybersecurity company. Chris has held Executive roles with Diamaniti, Blue Medora, Tegile, and Compellent (Dell). He has extensive experience building Go-To-Market teams and strategies.

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