Reduce Storage Costs Permanently

Reduce Storage Costs Permanently

Over the next six months, a lot of storage vendors are going to provide special pricing on their storage systems. These price reductions though are quick fixes. They won’t last forever, and when it’s time to upgrade these systems, organizations will have to deal with a much higher price. It is time for a solution that can reduce storage costs permanently.

Permanent storage cost reduction won’t occur if the price reduction is the result of lower hardware costs or the vendor taking less margin. For permanent storage cost reduction to happen, it requires a different way of thinking about how to develop software. The software has to use the available hardware resources efficiently, so less hardware is needed. Less hardware means using mid-range CPUs instead of high-end CPUs, using less RAM, and it involves using fewer physical drives to deliver the organization’s performance requirements. All of which save money on day one and into the future.

In the LightBoard video below, you can watch to learn more details on how to truly, and permanently, reduce the cost of storage:

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