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We are excited to announce the launch of StorONE Storage as a Service (S1aaS), built on the disruptive StorONE Storage Software Platform.  We developed S1aaS in response to our customers who asked us for a way to get the monthly pricing structure of the cloud, the performance and safety of on-site storage and the ease of management and expansion of the StorONE Storage Software Platform.
With S1aaS, you get an enterprise-class storage software platform. It provides all the features you’d expect from high-performance enterprise-storage including snapshots, replication, data protection, and support for multiple protocols (file, block, and Object). It is also flexible and can support many use cases including high-performance databases, storage for virtual infrastructures, secondary storage, and backup storage, all from a single software platform. The subscription starts at $999, which includes 18TB useable AFA of storage in a system capable of delivering 150,000 IOPS. A unique system can scale to 54TB of capacity and 300,000 IOPS.
We started our development process by surveying customers to find out why they want to move their applications and data to the cloud? The reasons we typically heard focused on cost savings. There is a perception of lower upfront costs as well as a reduction in on-premises data center footprint requirements. The trade-off for these costs savings is risks. Data in the cloud is more vulnerable to cyber-attack, and since the customer’s applications now run in a shared environment, there is also a risk of unpredictable performance.
What if you could get rid of those risks and still realize the primary benefit for moving to the cloud, cost savings, with an on-premises service? StorONE’s new S1 as a Service (S1aaS) tackles all of the typical concerns while still providing the benefit of an on-premises storage solution. S1aaS is an enterprise-class storage solution packaged as a subscription with no long term commitments.
Other AFA vendors like HPE and Dell are trying to offer consumption-based storage solutions, but in most cases, these offerings require a minimum upfront time and equipment commitment. The reason these vendors don’t provide a truly flexible subscription-based model is that their software architectures aren’t efficient enough to let them.
Our StorONE S1 is the most efficient storage platform on the market today. Other vendors require dozens of drives to deliver a few hundred thousand IOPS because they are only getting 10% or less of the drive’s raw performance potential. The lack of performance efficiency leads to a lack of efficiently using capacity, and the combination means these vendors can’t offer an accurate subscription-based model. Their overhead, in terms of software requirements, is too high.
Our partners in the reseller community tell us they are excited to have S1aaS because it allows them to help data center managers keep storage in house instead of moving to the cloud. In addition, the StorONE Software Platform allows our partners to stay ahead of the technology curve because it is the only software capable of extracting 90% of the raw performance of each drive on standard Intel servers. With StorONE, partners and end users only provision more drives when they need more capacity, not when they need more performance.

Click here to learn more or sign up for a free demo: https://www.storone.com/s1aas

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