The Lost Decade of Storage Innovation

2010-2020 is the lost decade of storage innovation. Indeed, the decade introduced revolutionary enterprise storage hardware. However, the inability to tap into those innovations has left IT professionals extremely frustrated. The cause of their frustration is the inability of storage software to keep pace with hardware innovation.

While you can probably easily list a dozen storage hardware innovations, can you list ANY storage software innovations? Storage hardware made incredible advances, but customers did not enjoy simplified operations or price reductions.


The number of IOPS per drive increased 1000x, but the total cost of an enterprise storage solution remains prohibitive. It also does not reflect the vast performance improvements.

Imagine that the price of gas per gallon becomes significantly cheaper, but the cost of driving the same distance remains prohibitively high. Drivers would clearly find this unacceptable, and they would demand answers and transparency. Yet the field of storage accepts high pricing and lack of transparency as the norm.

How could this possibly be?

Except for StorONE, storage software companies have been incapable of taking full advantage of the revolutionary hardware advances. These companies only utilize 20% of drive capacity, rendering the hardware innovation useless. One way to solve low utilization is to add more hardware, but that adds costs and more complicated operations to the data center.

StorONE has proven that the problem lies in storage software. StorONE utilizes up to 90% of drive capabilities, achieving over one million IOPS with only 4 NVME drives! There is no need to purchase expensive and complicated storage systems with our patented technology.

Low Utilization, Leads to Complexity

The high performance of NVME SSDs combined with the high density of hard disk drives should enable IT to create a single storage solution. This solution should support all the data center’s various use cases regardless of the workload’s performance or capacity requirements. Unfortunately, IT professionals deal with the exact opposite reality—massive storage fragmentation that increases costs and complexity. Almost with a sense of pride, vendors focus on one narrow use case and ignore the complexity they force on IT professionals.

StorONE has taken a platform approach. We leverage our patented series of storage algorithms to simultaneously support the highest performing flash drives and the highest-density hard disk drives across all protocols. The result is a single storage infrastructure for the entire data center, which dramatically simplifies storage management.  

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Data Reliability

The expectation was that the drives’ incredible new capabilities regarding performance would also bring about improved data protection. Unfortunately, high-performance drives did not significantly improve data reliability. Because of this, multiple solutions are deemed necessary, leaving systems complicated and expensive.

StorONE sets a new standard by delivering unrivaled data reliability on one integrated platform:

Direct write – StorONE is the only vendor to provide data integrity by writing directly to drives, skipping the cache tier, and reducing cost using minimal DRAM and no NVRAM or complex cluster memory synchronization.

vRAID – High-performance erasure coding, with data protection per volume (based on importance) and not system-wide. Rapid drive recovery, 10X better than our competitors.

Unlimited snapshots – Zero performance degradation while providing integrated backup technology. It eliminates the backup window and provides the ultimate in ransomware protection.

Companies have pivoted to enable employees to work from home during the past year and probably far beyond. Storage managers need a simple way to guarantee data is available, reliable, and protected. With StorONE’s solution, there’s no fuss, no compromise – simply 5-star, extreme data reliability.

Storage Location: Many companies moved their storage from on-prem to the cloud. The big challenge has been the cost. Companies chose to transfer to a cloud-based solution to save money. However, they quickly realized that the total cost is prohibitive, as is the price of returning to an on-prem solution. Additionally, cloud storage is even more vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

The cloud brought genuine opportunities to the storage industry, but it cannot replace on-prem. StorONE is THE solution to the cloud/on-prem dilemma. Our software offers complete cloud-native integration with the same GUI and all product features. It also provides seamless data movement between on-prem and cloud instances.

StorONE reduces the overall cost of storage by 80% compared to competitor pricing while delivering all enterprise storage services on one platform. Now THAT’S a real revolution.

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Gal Naor

Gal introduced the first real-time enterprise storage compression technology in 2004 at StorWize (acquired by IBM) and changed the utilization and pricing paradigm of commercial storage drives.

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