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“StorONE’s S1-as-a-Service (S1aaS), is a use-based solution integrating StorONE’s S1 storage services with Dell Technologies and Mellanox hardware.”



StorONE Launches Storage-as-a-Service Initiative

“The solution is intended to drive a new level of storage economics and resource utilization while preventing storage media from becoming a performance bottleneck through the use of high-performance SAS and NVMe flash drives.”



StorONE Company Overview - New economic model for a software-based storage solution.

"StorONE believes storage is a broken ecosystem that requires customers to pay too much for commodity hardware. His goal is to deliver the best software-defined storage with enterprise-class functionality, performance, and capacity, where users only pay for the resources they use. 



StorONE launches S1aaS, a new storage-as-a-service product

"S1 as a service is software-defined storage and combines StorONE's storage services with hardware to provide on-premises storage with a cloudlike subscription service"


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StorONE Sets a New Bar for Storage Economics with S1-as-a-Service

"StorOne is giving organizations an alternative. The alternative is a cost-effective, efficient storage software platform that they can subscribe to without any upfront costs. In essence, they are taking the cloud business model and enabling organizations to leverage this model to on-premises storage. "

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SDX Central

StorONE Launches Consumption-Based SD-Storage

S1-as-a-Service (S1aaS), integrates the vendor's S1 combined file, block, and object storage software with Dell PowerEdge server hardware.



StorONE Rolls Out S1aaS On Dell Hardware

 “Customers would get the best of both worlds: cloud flexibility and cost, with on-prem performance and security. S1aaS can deliver up to 150K IOPS of performance at a competitive price.” 


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Storage Economics Sets A New Benchmark with S1aaS @StorOne_Inc

"S1aaS, in simple terms, can be explained as a use-based solution integration enterprise-class S1 storage service with Dell Technologies and Mellanox hardware"



StorONE and Dell storage-as-a-service

"Startup StorONE has announced its S1-as-a-Service (S1aaS) which integrates its S1 combined file, block and object storage software with Dell PowerEdge server hardware. Customers can start with a $999 per month deal for an 18TB all-flash array that delivers up to 150,000 IOPS in a 2U form factor, and has data protection included."


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All-flash as a service - StorOne began selling the all-flash system in the service model. The solution is based on the startup's proprietary idea

"StorONE working on a virtual device with 24 SSD Seagate drives provided half a million IOPS performance, while performing functions related to data protection."