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Learn How to Develop a Data Resiliency Plan and Why You Need It

Developing a Data Resiliency Plan for Continuous Data Access

Users and application owners care about one thing: continuous access to their data regardless of any problem IT may face.

With a growing list of data threats, such as ransomware, cyber/data theft, hardware failure, and natural disasters, IT teams are challenged with being able to protect and recover from any of these threats.

The good news is that there are several tools available to help protect against and recover quickly if any of these threat attacks are successful. Storage solutions have access to encryption, replication, immutable snapshots, drive failure protection, controller redundancy, and write cache elimination.

When storage systems don’t have all these capabilities, and even the capabilities they provide with their systems fall short it requires them to depend heavily on their backup architecture.

This paper addresses:

  • Today’s data threat list and how they try to compromise your digital assets
  • Today’s data protection and resiliency capabilities and how they fall short of providing 100% data resiliency
  • The key to improving today’s data protection and resiliency features
  • How to develop a multi-level data resiliency plan to defend against and recover from each of Today’s data threats
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