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Raising the Bar for Storage Data Protection


Data is the foundation of business advantage in today’s economy. Analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) are helping businesses to uncover new competitive opportunities and to operate in a more efficient and streamlined fashion. At the same time, requirements for data privacy are higher than ever before, because consumers are becoming more discerning about how their information is used, and stringent data privacy regulations are emerging globally. Simply put, it is mission-critical to the business that data be available, accurate, consistent and secure.

In this research paper, we will level set on what data resilience and data protection are, why they matter, the challenges in achieving them with legacy storage architectures and the eloquent and effective way that StorONE provides them without affecting system performance.


How StorONE – S1 – Fixes the Broken Storage Ecosystem


This document explains how storage ecosystems have broken down and are increasingly presenting storage administrators with unpalatable performance versus data protection and/or Enterprise functionality tradeoffs.

Next, it reveals the root cause of the tradeoff conundrum, the storage vendor workarounds that only mask the problem, and why those workarounds fail to solve it, while also assessing their pros and cons.

Finally, it details how StorONE’s unique focus on obtaining specific results through innovation has enabled S1 to eliminate these tradeoff problems by solving the root cause.

How StorONE Fixes the Broken Storage Ecosystem-1

StorONE S1 Virtual Appliance Solution


The wait for a software-defined storage technology that delivers enterprise class performance, complete data protection with no performance degradation and lower costs than the cloud is finally here… and it runs in a simple virtual machine that can connect to all your initiators!

FIXED SO_Virtual Appliance Solution_Solution-1

6 Critical Questions To Ask Your AFA Vendor About Their Software by Gorge Crump


An IT planner that looks at the raw cost of the hardware that makes up an All-Flash Array (AFA) and compares that to what AFA vendors charge for the same hardware may find it difficult to understand the substantial price discrepancy. That IT planner, given the cost of the physical hardware components, may conclude that AFAs just cost too much.

Since most vendors use off-the-shelf components to create their all-flash arrays, the only point of differentiation between them is the software that they deliver with the system. This software provides all the features that IT has come to expect from a storage system, plus a few extra flash specific features. Given the actual cost of the hardware, the software must be the vendor’s justification for the high cost of the AFA.

In this helpful paper you will learn the six critical questions that IT planners should ask of their potential AFA vendors about their software.


What Are Your Storage Priorities?


This research paper covers Industry Best Practices and the StorONE approach to the following topics:

  1. The Storage Utilization Challenge
  2. Why Does IT Buy New Storage?
  3. How to Reduce the Cost of Performance Storage
  4. How to Reduce the Cost of Storage Operations

StorOne-What Are Your Storage Priorities-1

StorONE Achieve case study – 1.7 IOPS Using Only 24 Western Digital Flash Drives


This case study shows why StorONE is the most cost effective and reliable system for Achieving.

Storone_HGST_Case Study White_Paper-1

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