Validates StorONE All-Flash Array With Intel® Optane™ SSD’s for VMware Environments

NEW YORK – March 26, 2021 – StorONE’s most powerful array has received a thorough review from operating within a VMware environment. The All-Flash (AFAn) uses Intel®’s Optane™ Technology as a storage tier, not as a cache. It integrates Intel® QLC 3D NAND SSDs for cost-effective, high capacity, moving data between storage tiers, autonomously to achieve optimal cost/performance balance. StorONE’s S1:AFAn is the highest performing, most cost-effective storage system on the market today. It is powered by StorONE’s S1 storage software, which is designed for enterprise data centers. 

StorageReview tested a single node, configured with 1.5TB’s of Intel Optane and 30.72TB’s of Intel QLC 3D NAND SSD drives. The SSD’s acted as the capacity tier, and the Optane tier was configured for maximum performance, lowest latency. Data is transparently moved between tiers by the StorONE software. As tested, the total cost of this node was approximately $0.05/IOPS and delivered incredibly high performance within a VMware environment using NFS-mounted Datastores.

StorageReview was impressed with the powerful configuration and ease of use of our award-winning StorONE Management software. They provided examples of the ability to set up volumes quickly, QLC Aware tiering, application tuning via templates, and the security of maintaining a high availability profile via the per volume, built-in snapshot, replication, and vRAID capabilities. These per volume capabilities are unique within the storage industry and offer flexibility, data integrity and cost savings to StorONE customers.

StorageReview’s performance testing specifically focused on VMware-based, real-world, and synthetic (VDBench) testing of SQL, Oracle, and VDI under multiple block size, load, boot, and read/write scenarios. They were impressed by the ease of configuration and the flexibility of combining multiple media technologies to optimize each use case.

“We are pleased with StorONE’s Optane enhanced arrays. They performed well on all tests and have clear pricing models. This will bring end-users a new method to leverage both QLC NAND and Intel Optane efficiently. ” said Kevin O’Brien, Lab Director,

A vital ingredient of the S1:AFAn is StorONE’s Storage Engine, an efficient storage software solution that can extract the full performance of Intel® Optane™ SSDs and offset costs by automatically tiering to lower-cost Intel® QLC 3D NAND SSDs, without a read-performance penalty. S1 provides complete data protection and data services without impacting performance. 

“The S1:AFAn represents the next generation of VMware storage,” said StorONE’s CEO Gal Naor. “S1:AFAn enables customers to start with as little as 30TBs of capacity, a configuration capable of delivering over 1 million IOPS and then grow performance and capacity independently as an organizations’ needs demand. The AFAn configuration option is available on our transparent pricing site, TRUprice. Customers can use TRUprice to configure and price an AFAn and see, in realtime, that the S1:AFAn solution costs less than competitors’ AFAs.

The StorONE AFAn using Intel® Optane™ Technology is shipping, with StorONE taking orders. Customers and resellers can find additional information about the S1:AFAn solution at and StorONE will be hosting a joint webinar about the solution, focusing on VMware tuning, on March 25th at 1:00 PM ET and 10:00 AM PT. Registration is available here:

About StorONE

Founded in 2011, StorONE spent its first seven years rewriting and flattening the storage IO stack, creating the S1 engine, which powers the S1: Enterprise Storage Platform, which can deliver maximum capacity and performance per drive. StorONE’s patented IO Orchestration Algorithm coordinates how data services interact with IO so that enterprise features can use them without impacting performance. As a result, the Storage Engine provides uncompromising data protection and the lowest storage TCO in the industry. 

StorONE founders are proven, successful entrepreneurs who boast over 50 patent awards. Top-tier industry luminaries and strategic investors back the company. The StorONE headquarters are in New York, with offices in Fort Worth TX, Tel Aviv, and Singapore. Additional information about StorONE is available at

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