The State of StorONE – Q3 Update

A Message from the CEO

At the time of our previous quarterly update in April, the world was filled with question marks. StorONE braced itself for the unknown while continuing to work diligently to push technological barriers, to innovate, and to grow our team. As we enter the 3rd quarter of 2020, I am pleased to report that StorONE not only weathered the unique challenges of the second quarter, but saw Q2 prove to be one of the company’s most transformative quarters ever. 

Intel Partnership

One of the most exciting initiatives of Q2, which has received tremendous accolades from leading analysts, editors of storage magazines, and many bloggers, is our strategic partnership with Intel® to bring a new product, “All Flash Array.Next” (AFAn), to the enterprise storage market. AFAn combines Intel® hardware (servers and disks) and StorONE software. StorONE has taken Intel® Optane™ advanced drives from its niche position — used thus far as either a metadata solution or to read cache — to the mainstream enterprise storage market. StorONE’s innovative software enables maximum utilization of Intel® Optane™. 

AFAn’s unique capabilities include: 

  • The ability to achieve extremely high performance with very few drives, especially with 300,000 write IOPS with less 1ms latency. Competitor solutions require many drives to achieve the same level of performance.
  • The AFAn solution integrates high-speed, complete data protection and retention without any performance degradation. AFAn writes directly to solid state media taking full advantage of the exceptional write performance of Intel® Optane™. StorONE’s software provides the missing link by making this advantage visible and revealing its high value to customers. Our competitors must write to memory first, which makes Intel’s Optane™ much more expensive while adding technical complications.
  • StorONE provides a consolidated solution, and all storage protocols (block – FC, iSCSI, FILE – NFS, SMB, and Object) are available on the AFAn without any configuration changes and at no additional cost.
  • AFAn is sold at the absolute lowest price on the market and simplifies storage operations by deploying fewer components. We are proud to cooperate with Intel bringing the next generation of All Flash Array to consumers worldwide. You can learn more about AFAn here.


During Q2, StorONE brought company transparency to a whole new level by publishing storage pricing — including the cost of hardware and software — so clients other interested parties could see the exact cost of our solution. We developed the “TRUprice” calculator tool to configure a complete storage solution in just four clicks. This calculator represents what StorONE is at its core – a company that sets the bar for honesty and truth, a company whose very DNA is results-focused, without the fluff. 

Here’s my call to action to our competitors that they also publish pricing data, and by so doing, join us in transforming the storage industry. 


During Q2, we published a new version of our S1:Enterprise Platform, which includes many new features, including those requested by customers. 

These new features continue to focus on our advantages in three main areas: 

  1. Data protection with new capabilities 
  2. High-performance with minimal hardware 
  3. Flexibility of multiple protocols, delivering enterprise services, and more. 

I invite you to watch for our next announcement in September. 


After tremendous growth in sales over the first two quarters of 2020, we are thrilled to announce that Chris Bowen joined StorONE as the VP of Sales. Chris’ vast experience in the world of tech sales, and primarily in the field of storage, makes him a wonderful addition to our team. We look forward to seeing StorONE grow under his expertise. 


StorONE continues its exponential growth by working with distributors and partner channels. StorONE offers resellers significant advantages as we provide a complete software for their customers’ storage needs. With StorONE, distributors do not need to work with multiple vendors. Working with us enables them to rely on a single source for inventory, presentations, pricing, and of course, support. Partners can thus increase the number of products sold in other fields and provide additional solutions for their customers. Our new reseller program makes partnering with StorONE the obvious choice. 


As the world remains in disarray due to the impact of COVID-19, we acknowledge the continued need for companies to be mindful of costs allocated for storage purchases and operations. From its inception, StorONE’s system was developed to be the most efficient system in the storage industry. We achieve unique storage solution, both in terms of performance and capacity. Our minimal hardware storage solution stands as the optimal way to deliver the best price to our customers. We also respect companies’ requirements for payment installments and we offer payments of CapEx and OPEX. Recently, I wrote an article entitled, “Preparing Your Data Center for Pandemics – Lessons Learned from COVID-19”. Now is the time to determine if your data center is using efficiency to ready itself to weather future storms. The article is available to anyone that pre-registers for our live webinar “5 Steps to Seamless Storage Operations During a Pandemic

The Team

Of StorONE’s many unique capabilities, its first and foremost are our people. I recognize and thank the entire company for their extraordinary steadfastness during the challenges of Q2. And, I thank our customers for their continued support and trust in our innovative approach to storage utilization. StorONE is ready for Q3. 

If you would like to hear more about the company and our plans for this quarter, please contact me directly to set up a call. 

Wishing you continued health, 

Gal Naor 

Co-founder and CEO 

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Gal Naor

Gal introduced the first real-time enterprise storage compression technology in 2004 at StorWize (acquired by IBM) and changed the utilization and pricing paradigm of commercial storage drives.

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