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Using Optane to Lower VMware Costs

Did you know that you can use Intel® Optane™ to lower VMware costs? When used correctly, a VMware professional can use the technology to do more than lower storage costs. With Optane™, […]

New LightBoard Video: Introducing the Next Generation of All-Flash Array

The All-Flash is the first flash array to combine Intel Optane and Intel QLC with advanced storage software to deliver the full performance potential of the technology. In our […]

SearchStorage: Startup StorOne incorporates Intel Optane

StorOne is taking a two-tier, no cache approach to try to make Intel Optane solid-state drives perform better than the large array vendors. StorOne’s All-Flash (AFAn), which launched this […]

Benchmarking Optane Performance

When we created the All-Flash (AFAn), we knew that benchmarking Optane performance was our biggest challenge. What makes the AFAn special is how it leverages both Intel® Optane™ and Intel® QLC to […]

Validating Powering VMware with Optane

The StorONE S1:All-Flash (AFAn) initial focus excels in high-performance database environments, but now we are validating powering VMware with Optane. StorageReview recently put an through its paces in […] StorONE, Intel launch joint solution to fully leverage Intel Optane tech

Today, storage software vendor StorONE is announcing its new All-Flash (AFAn), which becomes the first storage software to fully leverage  Intel Optane Technology. While competitor solutions typically leverage Optane as a […]

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