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Webinar: Introducing The All-Flash powered by Intel Optane and StorONE

Join Intel and StorONE as they introduce the All-Flash (AFAn). Learn all about this new product category which combines Intel®️ Optane™️ SSDs and Intel®️ QLC 3D NAND both acting […]

Blocks & Files: StorONE touts Optane Flash Array

StorONE, the data storage startup, has crafted a super all-flash array by twinning Optane and QLC Flash SSDs in a 2-tier, 40TB, dual Xeon SP server chassis. The Optane Flash Array (OFA), […]

sdxcentral: StorONE, Intel Optimize Optane Tech in All-Flash Array

StorONE is revitalizing the all-flash array with its new All-Flash (AFAn) product that combines Intel Optane solid-state drives (SSDs) and Intel quad level cell (QLC) 3D NAND Storage Tiers. The launch is a […]

Press Release: StorONE Delivers Intel® Optane™ SSD Solutions for Enterprise Storage

All-Flash combines Intel® Optane™ SSDs and Intel® QLC 3D NAND Storage Tiers NEW YORK – June 23, 2020 – StorONE today announced the All-Flash (AFAn), which uses Intel® Optane™ […]

Storage Unpacked: #164 – Introduction to StorONE S1: All-Flash with George Crump

Storage startup StorONE has introduced the S1: All-Flash (also known as S1:AFAn) which accelerates performance using Intel Optane technology. In this podcast, Chris and Martin discuss the benefits of […]

Consolidating Storage with Optane

Consolidating storage with Optane enables organizations to solve the single biggest challenge to a storage centralization project: workload diversity. Workload diversity creates a wide storage performance spectrum that most consolidation […]

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