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vRAID & Virtual Storage Containers

Virtual Storage Containers and media pooling enable users to use the right media for each use case, while vRAID offers industry-leading data protection with performance.

Efficient Snapshot Management

Enables quick recovery and data protection through efficient snapshot creation, scheduling, and management.


Enhanced Security Features



High-Availabilty design Complimented with Replication

With a highly available design architecture, we ensure no single component can compromise your data availability needs. Add Synchronous, Semi-Synchronous, and Asynchronous replication in an Any-to-any fashion, and you have a full, robust, resilient capability all built into the platform.

revolutionizing cacheless architecture

Revolutionizing Cacheless Architecture

Our cacheless architecture revolutionizes our storage infrastructure, delivering consistent, high- performance results. By bypassing traditional caching limitations, our architecture maximizes storage media performance, unlocking its full potential. Our customers experience enhanced efficiency through optimized resource utilization, minimized power consumption, and streamlined data access, resulting in more efficient storage operations.

The cacheless approach improves reliability as it eliminates the risk of data loss or corruption due to cache failures. We directly access and store data on the underlying media, ensuring the highest level of data integrity and application consistency for our critical workloads.

Optimal Performance on Demand, Cost-Efficiency at Rest

Optimal Performance on Demand, Cost-Efficiency at Rest

Our dynamic data optimization feature, Optimized Data Placement (Auto Tiering 2.0), not only intelligently analyzes data access patterns but also leverages Two -Tier Flash and traditional Hybrid ( Flash to HDD) volume technology for exceptional performance enhancements. It automatically assigns data to the most suitable storage media tier, ensuring that frequently accessed data resides on high- performance media while less accessed data is moved to cost-effective, larger-capacity tiers, thus optimizing storage resources.

By harnessing the power of Two -Tier Flash & Hybrid volume technology within our auto-tiering system, we achieve significant cost savings while maximizing performance. This innovative approach allows us to place data on the most cost-effective storage media without compromising performance. With improved data availability on suitable media, the overall system performance is substantially enhanced, reducing latency, and effectively meeting the demands of modern workloads. You can configure volumes using Two-Tier Flash or Flash to HDD, providing you with unparalleled versatility and flexibility.


Robust Data Protection, Rapid Recovery, and Granular Management with vSnap

Ensure unparalleled data protection with our vSnap Differentiated Snapshots. By capturing immutable snapshots at a granular level, critical data remains unaltered and safeguarded against changes. This advanced level of data protection provides an extra layer of defense against data loss and ransomware attacks.

Experience rapid recovery capabilities with the ability to roll back to specific points in time, minimizing downtime and ensuring business continuity. Protect your snapshots and data recovery policies by leveraging our vSnapLock capability. When enabled, it prevents any snapshot within a snapshot policy from being inadvertently or maliciously deleted.

Enhanced Redundancy, Efficient Utilization, and Scalable Architecture with StorONE’s vRAID

Enhanced Redundancy, Efficient Utilization, and Scalable Architecture with StorONE’s vRAID

Our vRAID (Virtual RAID) technology revolutionizes data storage by offering enhanced redundancy, efficient resource utilization, and a scalable architecture. With vRAID, data is distributed across all drives in a pool, ensuring fault tolerance and protecting against failures while increasing performance.

This approach maximizes storage capacity while maintaining data integrity through advanced erasure coding techniques. Our vRAID enables seamless expansion and reconfiguration of storage resources, providing a flexible and scalable solution for evolving data needs.

Streamlined Replication Management and Enhanced Data Availability with StorONE’s vReplicate

Streamlined Replication Management and Enhanced Data Availability with StorONE’s vReplicate

Our vReplicate simplifies and centralizes replication management, providing a single interface for efficient control and monitoring of replication tasks. This enables us to effectively manage your data replication workflows, ensuring data consistency and availability. With support for flexible replication topologies, vReplicate can design replication architectures tailored to your specific needs. This allows you to replicate data between diverse storage systems, data centers, or cloud environments.

By maintaining replicated copies of data in different locations, vReplicate ensures enhanced data availability and utilization, minimizing downtime and enabling seamless business continuity in the face of system failures or disasters. vReplicate can also facilitate more than just Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery; it allows us to explore burstable workloads, data mining, reporting, and CI/CD practices without impacting our production workloads.


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